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Ouch : some trouble… Why? :-x

Here are the problems:
The pistons were tight.
The camshaft carrier move.
The tappets have a mark more than 1 millimeter

How it happened ? Some assumptions :

I think it should not put the last segment on the pistons when the housing baffles on crankcase are in good state.

For the axes of camshaft. I think the exhaust valves are too long. Once when the spring is fully compressed background downforce refers to the axes.

If someone have an idea?


IMGP7178 IMGP7179 IMGP7180 IMGP7175IMGP7176


Harley JDH : Replacement of cylinders

The engine is on the bench.
I want to replace the cylinders which are 1927-1928 models by 1929 model.

But… It’s no so simple… 😡