Ouch : some trouble… Why? :-x

Here are the problems:
The pistons were tight.
The camshaft carrier move.
The tappets have a mark more than 1 millimeter

How it happened ? Some assumptions :

I think it should not put the last segment on the pistons when the housing baffles on crankcase are in good state.

For the axes of camshaft. I think the exhaust valves are too long. Once when the spring is fully compressed background downforce refers to the axes.

If someone have an idea?


IMGP7178 IMGP7179 IMGP7180 IMGP7175IMGP7176


2 responses to “Ouch : some trouble… Why? :-x”

  1. Paul Alting van Geusau says :

    I do not think the problems are interrelated. The piston damage points to unsuficient lubrication which is typical for the front cylinder. The front cylinder gets less oil when compared to the rear cylinder because of the direction of rotation of the crankshaft. Oil scraping piston rings do not affect the issue, If you use them you have to empty the crankcase from oil more often than when you omit them (oil is burned). Cylinderwall lubrication is also sufficient with the scraping rings mounted but a sufficient amount of oil has to be thrown on the walls. The baffels are essential because they allow a vacuum to be drawn this allowing oil to be forcely sucked into the cylinder. If you have a good look at the casings you’ll notice that there is a V- shaped groove from the rear cylinder for collecting oil and leading the oil to the opening between the front cylinder baffles.
    Whether valve stems are too long or not does not have an effect on the valve train because when having correctly set the clearance valve lift remains the same as with a shorter stem valve. Nevertheless check on the bench whether the valve operation is smooth. A lose camshaft carrier is a common problem, just fix it..

    • 2cam says :

      Merci Paul pour ta réponse. J’apprécie tes qualités d’ingénieur.
      Je pense qu’il y a peut être 2 problèmes. Un avec la lubrification et l’autre avec les ressorts de soupapes qui une fois comprimés ne permettent pas le dégagement suffisant pour le jeu de fonctionnement et du coup appuient sur les arbres à cames qui eux même appuient sur leur axe et l’amène à bouger.
      Qu’en penses tu ?

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