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Crash !

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Early Indian Pony Scout

Thanks to Lucky Bastard mc for  rectification.



Valand 1926 model J 1000cc

The bike was a 1926 model J 1000cc with side car from the begining.
Engine has Truett&Osborn 4 5/8 stroke flywheel, aprox 86″ or 1460cc
Kehin CV carburator
1928 JD cylinders
Competition Dist. high compression pistons
ZEV magneto
1967 Electra Glide 4 speed gear box
2002 Fat boy back hub and disk brakes
Gas light
Modifications on the bike is :
Converted outgoing engine sprocket from single to dual chain
Special intake for the carburator
½ inch bend of the rear frame legs to center the new wheel
The rest of the bike is original 1926 Harley