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JD Cameron & Lance Tidwell with FLXI

FLXI sidecar bodie

The frame is not FLXI only the bodie.

FLXI sidecar rear spring perch update

From left to right

LEFT – When i got my rear spring perch there was cut :-/

CENTER – Craftsman do a reproduction of spring perch.

RIGHT – After some grinding job ready to weld.

Matt Walksler Harley racing with Flxi

Photos courtesy of Matt Walksler from Wheels Trough Time Museum. Thanks Matt.

Awesome racing Harley with Flxi sidecar.
Narrow ’14 style cases with -14B casting code and M-cylinders.
Matt run the 1/2 mile at Wauseon this year.
Go Matt go…

FLXI rear spring perch.

The rear spring perch has been completely remade. The previous owner had cut in two.
There is still much work with the file to give the appearance of the originals.
Thanks to Christian Larribeau for this nice work.

Here the original perch.

And the new made.